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Question:My sister is facing severe acne problems. Her face looks dark and dull due to black spots. She is very conscious about her looks; so her self esteem has become very low due to her appearance. Her dermatologist suggested her to get a chemical peel done for acne scar treatment. What is this treatment and is it beneficial in eliminating the scars permanently?
Answer:Acne can cause serious mental setbacks and affect a person' s self esteem negatively. But we need to handle it properly. At young age, people are very conscious about their physical appearance. But you need to understand that it' s just a matter of time. In most of the cases, it disappears on its own after sometime. If it persists, you will require the help of a dermatologist for the treatment. You should provide moral support to your sister to come out from stress.

The acne scar treatment is done only when there is no possibility of any fresh acne breakouts. If breakouts occur again, there is no point of scar treatment. Before going for this treatment, try other possible options to treat the acne. You should go for this treatment as a last resort, when nothing turned out effective for your acne treatment.

In chemical peel method of acne scar treatment, specific chemicals are applied topically to the affected areas of skin causing exfoliation of the skin. The dermatologist may ask to take some initial care of skin in order to prepare your skin for chemical peeling. This treatment is very quick and makes your skin glow by removing scars and blemishes. If you have severe acne scarring, this method might not be useful. Moreover, the acids present in the chemical peel may cause redness, irritation or sometimes burning sensation of the skin.

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