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Question:I am a fair skinned, 19 year old girl. I get pimples on my face particularly on chin, neck and back frequently. I have long hair with a lot of dandruff. Can fallen dandruff aggravate my pimples? I have no idea what medication will do. Please help.
Answer:Dandruff can certainly aggravate your pimples. There is a natural process of renewing of your scalp cells through the sloughing of dead cells. Sometimes, this shedding of dead cells from your scalp increases due to fungal infection or over dryness. This results in flaking, scaling and itching of the scalp. Certain other things also affect dandruff like hereditary cause, hormones, bad diet, disease or stress level.

The dead flakes from your scalp may clog your skin pores causing or aggravating acne breakouts. You should pay attention to eliminate your dandruff first before treating your acne.

Use a good anti dandruff shampoo. Tea tree oil has been proven good for treating both dandruff and acne. Keep your hair short if possible. Always try to keep your hair away from the face especially when yon you are sleeping. Apply a good topical acne treatment cream available in the market on your acne breakouts. Consult a dermatologist, if the problem persists.

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