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Question:Why is breast cancer on the increase?
Answer:As you say, breast cancer is very much on the increase, and is now estimated to affect 1 in 10 women during their lives. And this is happening despite improved cancer diagnosis and treatment, which are failing to save many more lives than in the past.

Essentially, there are two main kinds of breast ' cancer' : invasive breast cancer, and ' ductal detected much more frequently these days due to mammogram screening. DCIS is not really cancer as we know it and is considered ' 99 per cent curable' . However, because more DCISs are picked up these days, due to mammograms, the survival rates look better. Conventional treatments for breast cancer - surgery, radiation and chemotherapy - do nothing to address the major underlying cause, which I believe is ' oestrogen dominance' New drugs that block oestrogen sites in order to reduce oestrogen dominance are becoming more and more popular. But if a doctor prescribes such a drug, they should also tell you about what you can do to stop oestrogenic dominance in the first place.

Too much oestrogen makes breast cells overgrow, potentially resulting in cancer cells. Oestrogen is normally balanced by the hormone progesterone, but an excess can occur for a number of reasons. You can amass environmental oestrogens from pesticides and plastics; from too much dairy and high-fat meat products; from using the Pill before breasts have fully matured; from undergoing hormone replacement therapy that contains either oestradiol or progestins; from prolonged stress or obesity; or from a lack of beans in the diet - beans are high in phytoestrogens that block oestrogen receptors, thereby countering the effects of strong oestrogens. These are all risk factors that you can easily minimise.

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