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Question 1:What are the early signs of cancer? When should I see a doctor? I don' t want to be a worry-wart about a skin spot that is a wart and not a cancer!
Question 2:Several members of my family have had cancer of different sorts, and this scares me. What causes cancer? How can I avoid it?
Question 3:If I was unlucky enough to get cancer, how could this be treated?
Question 4:Where does cancer spread to when you have a secondary cancer? I have had cancer in the breast, and I have been told that surgery has been successful and I have no secondaries, but I would like to watch out for any problems.
Question 5:My mother has to have yet another operation after several operations for breast cancer. This time they are going to remove her glands. Why are glands removed after operations for cancer?
Question 6:My mother is on methotrexate for treatment of cancer. It is having terrible side effects. Is it worth continuing?
Question 7:My brother has Hodgkin' s disease and I am told it is serious. He lives a long way from me, and I don' t like to crossexamine him on the phone about his problem. Can you please explain this condition for me?
Question 8:Does a person who is terminally ill have to suffer excruciating pain, or can it be controlled?
Question 9:Which are the best traditional anti-cancer diets in the world? I' ve heard amazing claims for the Mediterranean and Japanese diets.
Question 10:Why are soya products good as an anti-cancer food?
Question 11:Two family members have had breast cancer. How can I prevent it?
Question 12:Why is breast cancer on the increase?
Question 13:Do you think there' s a link betweenantiperspirant and breast cancer?
Question 14:What is the best nutrition for fighting cervical cancer?
Question 15:What are the nutritional recommendations for preventing and combating prostate cancer?
Question 16:Can beta-carotene give you cancer?
Question 17:I read that chromium can increase the risk of cancer. Is this true?
Question 18:Is it true that cancer is largely genetic?
Question 19:My sister is having chemotherapy for cancer. Is there anything to help reduce the side effects?
Question 20:What are your views on the use of laetrile (B17) for cancer treatment/prevention?
Question 21:Do you have any recommendations for people who have had lymph glands removed and suffer from swollen limbs?
Question 22:What supplements might help recovery from radiotherapy, surgery and high doses of steroids given as treatment for cancer?
Question 23:What' s your view on Tamoxifen for breast cancer? Is soya an alternative?
Cancer can be treated with chemotherapy. Read more about chemotherapy here.

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