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Question:What is the best nutrition for fighting cervical cancer?
Answer:Cervical cancer is not linked to nutrition, but in the majority of cases to the human papilloma virus. The preinvasive form is almost always curable and early diagnosis has led to a 70 per cent reduction in mortality.

Therefore, you should follow an anti-viral diet, paying particular attention to getting a good intake of vitamins D and E and the minerals selenium and calcium. Also eat organic wherever possible and have lots of soya (in tofu and soya milk), beans and lentils - although don' t overdo the soya, as this can encourage allergic reactions in some people. Supplement antioxidant nutrients and at least 3g of vitamin C a day. Also, avoid anything that weakens your immune system such as smoking, alcohol and fried foods. I recommend that you see a nutritional therapist who can help you find the perfect diet and supplement programme for you.

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