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Question:What supplements might help recovery from radiotherapy, surgery and high doses of steroids given as treatment for cancer?
Answer:Cancer, radiotherapy and surgery are all considerable stresses on the body, and antioxidants can help you deal with them. Although many people are advised not to take vitamin or mineral supplements duringradiotherapy, several studies have shown that anti-xidants can not only protect against the toxicity of the drugs and radiation but also enhance their cancer-killing effects. Supplementing 50mg of vitamin B6 can also prevent nausea and vomiting caused by radiotherapy.

Especially important is vitamin C. Thin skin,easy bruising, frequent infections and difficulty in shifting infections are all symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. I recommend a minimum of 3 to 4g ofvitamin C per day. You may need more, but this should be done under the guidance of a nutritional therapist.

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