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Question:What do you recommend for diarrhoea, and what' s your view on anti-diarrhoeal medications?
Answer:A Anti-diarrhoeal medications don' t address the underlying cause and can stop the body from trying to rapidly clear toxins, if that' s why you have diarrhoea. As far as treating the condition naturally goes, it' s important to avoid irritants such as spicy foods, and eat more soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre such as wheat bran is harsh on the bowel and does not suit a sensitive and often inflamed digestive system. A much better alternative is soluble fibre, found in fruit and vegetables. It' s a good idea to eat more of these. To really knock the problem on the head, though, try psyllium husks or flax seeds, both available from your local healthfood shop.

Here' s how you use them. For psyllium husks, take 1 teaspoon morning and afternoon (away from food supplements) in a full mug of water, building after one to two weeks to 1 dessertspoon two times day in at least a mug, better a pint of water. This should dramatically increase your stool bulk and formation. If you choose to use flax seeds, soak a dessertspoon overnight in a glass of water and drink the lot in the morning.

If increasing your fibre and water intake doesn' t work, consult a nutrition practitioner who can explore other possible reasons such as intestinal parasites, imbalanced gut bacteria or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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