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Question 1:I have not been well for three months, having a choking feeling in my throat and soreness of the oesophagus. Oesophagoscopy showed I have a moderate hiatus hernia. Is there any treatment, and what should one do and not do with this illness?
Question 2:For two months I have had bad stomach aches on and off. The pain seems to run up into my chest sometimes. I am getting worried. Please help.
Question 3:What sort of acid causes stomach ulcers? Why do we have acid in our stomachs?
Question 4:Could you please explain, just what is a peptic ulcer? One doctor told me I had a stomach ulcer, then another said it was a peptic ulcer. What is the difference?
Question 5:What are the early symptoms of a gastric ulcer? 1 am concerned that my constant burping may be due to one. How will doctors find out if I have an ulcer?
Question 6:Would you please tell me about the ' helicopter' virus that is causing my stomach ulcer? I have just been given a huge concoction of tablets to kill it.
Question 7:I am always burping, and it' s sometimes very embarrassing. I don' t seem to be able to stop it. Why do some people burp more than others?
Question 8:What can you tell me about polyps in the stomach (which the doctor states I have) and what can be done about them?
Question 9:My marriage has broken up and I am losing a lot of weight. I have no appetite and look like a bag of bones. What can I do?
Question 10:I suffer from chronic constipation and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?
Question 11:What do you recommend for diarrhoea, and what' s your view on anti-diarrhoeal medications?
Question 12:How can intestinal parasites, probably picked up while travelling abroad, be eliminated?
Question 13:What does pain before I need to empty my bowels mean and what can I do about it?
Question 14:I would like to know what the different stool colors mean in terms of health.
Question 15:What do you recommend for flatulence?
Question 16:I thought beans and greens were good for you, but when I eat them I get bloated. Why?
Question 17:What can you recommend for acid reflux?
Question 18:How can I tell whether I have too much stomach acid or too little?
Question 19:I get terrible indigestion and live on antacids. Is there a natural solution?
Question 20:I' ve been feeling nauseated ever since returning from holiday in India. Any suggestions?
Question 21:What causes irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?
Question 22:What' s a good diet for IBS? Should I avoid starch?
Question 23:I have stomach ulcers and take Zantac every day. What can I do?

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