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Question:My marriage has broken up and I am losing a lot of weight. I have no appetite and look like a bag of bones. What can I do?
Answer:Stress and anxiety of any sort can lead to loss of both appetite and weight. Discussing the problems with a friend, counsellor or family doctor can often relieve a lot of the burden of anxiety. Making sure that you do eat at regular times and eat good nutritious food is an obvious way to help the problem. Food supplements, such as Ensure, can be added to milk to help build you up. Appetite stimulants are the next step, and these can be prescribed by your doctor. Some medications that ease anxiety have a side effect of increasing appetite, and so may help combat both problems. Time is a great healer, and although divorce is a traumatic experience, most women survive to lead happy lives, free from a husband who may have caused them long-term distress had the marriage continued. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel.
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