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Question:Is there anything apart from prescribed drugs that can help with gout?
Answer:Gout can occur when proteins, usually from animal sources, are not being properly metabolised. The result is uric acid crystal deposits in fingers, toes and joints, which cause inflammation and pain.

Diets low in fat and moderate in protein alleviate this condition, so a vegetarian diet should help, so long as you don' t eat too much cheese and other dairy products. Exercise is a real plus too. And it' s essential to supplement the many nutrients involved in protein metabolism, especially B6 and zinc.

To combat gout or prevent a reoccurrence, cut out red meat and alcohol completely. Follow the optimum nutrition diet: avoid refined carbohydrates and eat wholefoods such as wholegrains; eat high-quality protein such as tofu and free-range chicken, beans and lentils; include plenty of vegetables, steamed or raw, and three pieces of fresh fruit a day. Go for organic. Be sure to drink 1 to 1.5 litres of pure water. And don' t leave out the omega-3 essential fats from oily fish and seeds. For vegetarians, I recommend using cold-pressed seed oil blends, as these help to lubricate joints and reduce inflammation; ask in your local health food store. Non-vegetarians can top up their omega-3s by eating mackerel, trout or sardines three times a week or supplementing with an omega-3-rich fish oil. Other supplements should include a good multivitamin and mineral, 3g of vitamin C taken as 1g with each meal, 100mg of vitamin B6, 15mg of zinc and a bone mineral complex rich in alkaline-forming calcium and magnesium daily.

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