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Question 1:What can a pensioner use for chronic pain from arthritis? The government only gives pensioners simple things like Panamax and Aspirin on the free list, and they are not good enough.
Question 2:What is the cause of stiff and sore finger joints in the morning?
Question 3:I have been told that my kneecap is arthritic. I do not want to be an invalid in old age. What treatments are available?
Question 4:I have terrible arthritis in my knees, and the tablets I have been prescribed for the pain don' t work. Is knee replacement surgery successful?
Question 5:I visited the Sunshine Coast four years ago and was bitten by mosquitoes that gave me Ross River fever. This caused months of joint aches and weakness, if I get bitten again by mosquitoes that carry the virus, can I catch the disease again?
Question 6:I' ve had arthritis in my hip for years that has been giving me more and more pain. My doctor has suggested referring me to have an artificial hip put in. Can you explain what is an artificial hip?
Question 7:How good are artificial hips?
Question 8:After a very bad motorbike accident in which my son broke his hip, my son has been doing heavy farm work, but recently he has a lot of pain and stiffness in the joint in the morning. His doctor says he will need a hip replacement as there is arthritis showing on X-rays of the joint. He is only 28. Can exercise or diet stop him from having the operation?
Question 9:I have very severe rheumatoid arthritis which is controlled by taking Prednisone ail the time. I am told that it has side effects. Are these serious?
Question 10:I am 62 years old, and several of my friends have rheumatoid arthritis, and I do not want to catch it. How do you catch rheumatoid arthritis?
Question 11:I believe that rheumatoid arthritis is not just a disease of old people, but can occur at all ages, including childhood. What do you think?
Question 12:Can you recommend some exercises for an elderly woman with osteoarthritis?
Question 13:I have been told I have chondromalacia of a joint in my foot. I stand a lot in my job and I' m not overweight. What can be done to relieve the pain?
Question 14:I am 92, live alone, and have arthritis in my hands, back and ankles. I am taking Naprosyn, but is there a better medication to ease pain when sleeping?
Question 15:Can diet af fect arthritis and alleviate joint pain?
Question 16:What supplements can I take to help repair cartilage damage and prevent arthritis in my knee?
Question 17:Is there anything apart from prescribed drugs that can help with gout?

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