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Question:Is there a simple and cheap way to lose weight?
Answer:There are no easy ways to lose weight, only hard ones, but losing weight can be simple and cheap. There is no need to buy costly diet foods or attend expensive courses. Following these five points, while using a lot of willpower, and I guarantee you will lose weight. 1. EAT ONLY THREE TIMES A DAY. Never eat between meals, and drink only water or black tea/coffee if thirsty. Set aside three half-hour periods a day for eating, and do not eat at any other time. 2. EAT ONLY THE CORRECT FOODS. There are scores of diet charts available that will tell you which foods are low in calories. Do not stick to only one food group, but eat a balanced diet. 3. EXERCISE REGULARLY. Get up a good sweat and make your heart race at least once a day. 4. EAT LESS. If you are not losing weight at the rate of four kilograms (nine pounds) a month, you are still eating too much. Do not weigh yourself more than once a week, and remember that weight loss does not occur steadily, but with sudden weight loss, and then a period of no loss. That is why the loss must be averaged over a month. 5. KEEP GOING. It is pointless spending months losing weight, only to put it on again. Your diet should be one for life, not just a few weeks or months.
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