Medical Questions » Obesity

Question 1:Is there a simple and cheap way to lose weight?
Question 2:What causes obesity? I am very careful with my diet, but still overweight.
Question 3:I have been told to exercise to lose weight. Is jogging the best form of exercise?
Question 4:I am seventeen years old and over the last six months I' ve gained ten kilos in weight. I can' t control my eating. I grasp chocolates, ice-cream, candy etc. even after a full meal. My stomach is always upset and I' m vomiting because of overeating. I' m desperately out of control with a constant desire to eat. Please help, as my body is becoming horribly distorted.
Question 5:I am a thirteen year old girl, 164 cm tall and weigh 55 kg. I feel fat because I have fat legs. Am I overweight? What is the average weight for a girl my age?
Question 6:I am fat! Not just a bit overweight but superfat, obese and gross! I have tried every diet in existence, and with great difficulty, I can lose a few kilos. The moment I relax my vigil, I put on five kilos again. My parents and grandparents were also fatties, but all are still alive and well. Do I really have to lose weight to live longer as my doctor tells me?
Question 7:I have a son who is nearly 14. His height is 144 cm and his weight 53 kg. People comment that he is too big in the stomach, and he will have to lose some of it. What can he do about it?
Question 8:I have heard that when tablets containing cider vinegar, kelp, vitamin B6 and lecithin are taken along with a sensible diet and no extra exercise, you lose weight fast—12 lb in two weeks. Is this true?
Question 9:I have been obese all my life, since childhood in fact, and now I have diabetes. Some doctors think I may have Prader-Willi syndrome. I have had my stomach stapled, been on innumerable diets, medications, padlocked the fridge—you name it. Nothing works. I have even been locked up in a girl' s detention centre, not because I broke the law or anything like that, only to lose weight. What would you suggest?
Question 10:I am 25 kg overweight, but after dieting, I always revert to my old bad habits, and regain any weight lost. I would appreciate it if you could provide information on having a balloon inserted in my stomach to assist with weight loss.
Question 11:I am 18 years old, female, slightly underweight, very attractive and have a perfect figure, i can eat anything I like and still maintain my figure. How long will it be before ! start to put on weight every time I eat something fattening? Will I be like this forever?

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