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Question:I am seventeen years old and over the last six months I' ve gained ten kilos in weight. I can' t control my eating. I grasp chocolates, ice-cream, candy etc. even after a full meal. My stomach is always upset and I' m vomiting because of overeating. I' m desperately out of control with a constant desire to eat. Please help, as my body is becoming horribly distorted.
Answer:Rapid weight gain is usually due to a compulsion to eat. This in turn is usually attributable to a psychological problem, and recent stress or emotional shock may have triggered your problem. Weight gain is caused by a gteater intake of food than output of enetgy and wastes. There are some rare diseases such as an underactive thyroid gland, Cushing' s syndrome and pituitary gland disorders that can cause obesity, but the vast majority are caused by overeating and inadequate exercise. You need to see your GP to have any of the rarer causes of obesity excluded by investigation. If these tests are normal, referral to a psychiatrist is appropriate. This is not because you are mad or insane, but because your body is reacting inappropriately to some form of stress in your life.
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