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Question:I have a son who is nearly 14. His height is 144 cm and his weight 53 kg. People comment that he is too big in the stomach, and he will have to lose some of it. What can he do about it?
Answer:Your son is certainly a bit overweight for his height, but he is still quite short. He is also quite short for his age, with 97% of boys his age being taller than he is, but only 40% are heavier. He should eat only healthy and nutritious foods, and avoid the junk and sweet foods. The easiest way to do this is to prohibit all between-meal snacks, and allow him to eat only the three normal meals a day. Avoiding sugary soft drinks is also importantórefreshment can be given by water or natural fruit juice. Exercise plays a part in burning off the excess fat and strengthening the muscles of the stomach. He should be encouraged to play sport, or undertake an exercise programme. Swimming and cycling are excellent forms of exercise. I do not believe that he should actually lose weight, as he is likely to grow in height significantly in the next couple of years. He should avoid gaining any weight, and allow his body to become leaner as he grows taller.

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