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Question:I have been troubled with fungal skin infections since coming to Australia 5 years ago. It is always worse with the higher temperatures of summer. I have used numerous creams which settle it down, but it always recurs. Is there any cure for it?
Answer:I suspect that you are describing a fungal condition called pityriasis versicolor, which causes patches on the skin that spread steadily across the body, often worsening in warm humid conditions, and settling in winter. The patches are red coloured on white skin, but white coloured on suntanned skin, as the fungus prevents suntanning of the area of skin it covers. There are numerous antifungal creams and lotions that can be bought from chemists without a prescription that control most of these infections, but if these are failing to control your problem, you should see your general practitioner. Your doctor can confirm the diagnosis, and then prescribe stronger lotions, or tablets that can control the condition. Total cure is difficult unless you live in a cold climate, and many sufferers require a course of treatment at the beginning of each summer.
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