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Question 1:Just what is an allergy? How do they occur? I have been able to eat oysters all my life, but now I get an itchy rash if I even touch one. How can this happen?
Question 2:Q How do you find out if you are allergic to something. Can blood tests tell you? I am already allergic to cats, but want to find out if there is something else causing my hay fever.
Question 3:How are allergies treated? Is there any permanent cure? I have to live on antihistamines for my rash that keeps flaring up for no apparent reason.
Question 4:Every time I even see a strawberry, let alone eat one, my lips become swollen and itchy! Is this a type of allergy?
Question 5:Could I be allergic to the limestone formations in my area? I have felt tired, moody, depressed and dizzy ever since I moved here. Can the levels of limestone be checked in the blood?
Question 6:I hardly use any cosmetics or perfumes. Once I wear a perfume while going to a party, I got severe headache and breathing problems. I also felt much pain in my joints and developed some rashes also. Are these symptoms indicating allergy to perfume? Should I avoid wearing a perfume?
Question 7:My son is 17 year old and he is allergic to certain food. Does the allergy increase with time or will it get subsidized after sometime? I am very worried for him, please advice.
Question 8:My daughter is only 4 years old and she is allergic to egg. Even if she has chocolates containing egg, she shows the symptoms of allergy. How such a small kid can have allergy? What do I do?
Question 9:My mother is chronic asthmatic. She is also very allergic to many things. Can her asthma be induced due to those allergies? How it can be controlled?
Question 10:I am allergic to various antibiotics (penicillin, tetracycline and others). Is it life threatening if I take antibiotics to cure any disease if I fall sick?
Question 11:I frequently go out in the sun as this is required of my job. So, I need to apply sunscreen, but whenever I apply sunscreen I develop itching skin rashes. Am I allergic to sunscreen? What should I do?
Question 12:My eyes have become red, swollen and itchy. I feel burning sensation in my eyes and sensitivity to the light also. My uncle says that I am suffering from eye allergy. Is it true? What medication should I take to cure this?
Question 13:Recently, my doctor told me that I am allergic to wheat. Is there any treatment for the symptoms of wheat allergy? I love having pasta and baked food. Should I stop having such food? I can' t imagine my life without pasta.
Question 14:Is medication safe during pregnancy for allergies? I have developed some allergies during my pregnancy. I want to get relief from these allergies, but afraid of taking medicines as it could harm my unborn baby?
Question 15:I have suddenly developed allergy for peanuts. Is it possible to develop an allergy at later stage? Is peanut allergy fatal? Please give me advice.
Question 16:Why do people get allergies and why do allergies sometimes come on in later life?
Question 17:What do you recommend for someone with lots of allergies?
Question 18:I wake up with a blocked nose and often feel blocked up after a meal. Is this an allergy?
Question 19:Every spring I get terrible hay fever. What can i do?
Question 20:If I eat something I' m allergic to, what does it do to my body?
Question 21:Which type of milk is the most allergenic - skimmed or whole, and why?
Question 22:My brain seems to scramble after I' ve eaten bread. I can' t even spell correctly! Is this an allergy?
Question 23:I' ve read a story about wheat being a ' cereal killer' . Surely this is a myth.
Question 24:How do I test myself for food intolerances?
Question 25:I am taking Prednisolone and Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis, and Thyroxine for thyroid problems. Would these drugs alter the results of an allergy test?
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