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Question 1:I have been trying to get some information on Sickle blood cells. During my student days I saw the cells under a microscope, but there was no information about them. What does the presence of these cells typify? Are they of any importance? Are they only found in coloured and Jewish people? I am very curious about this matter.
Question 2:My nephew had a blood transfusion recently, and during the transfusion his temperature rose to 39 degrees. He was not told why and he still wants to know. I told him you would know, and that' s why I' m writing.
Question 3:After a blood test the other day, my doctor said I was a bit anaemic, but not to worry about it. She gave me some iron tablets, but nothing else. What are the causes of anaemia?
Question 4:I have been told that I am slightly anaemic, and need to eat more foods with iron. How much iron do you need in your diet, and what foods contain large amounts of it?
Question 5:My doctor says I should take more iron because I get anaemic with heavy periods. Why does the body need a metal like iron?
Question 6:My father has thalassaemia. I remember him telling me that I must not marry someone with this disease. How would I know if someone had it?
Question 7:Is excess copper in the blood dangerous?
Question 8:My boyfriend has Christmas disease. Can you tell me more about it?
Question 9:Could you please explain what causes low blood sugar, the symptoms and the treatment?
Question 10:I keep fainting at the sight of blood. This is very embarrassing as I am a trainee nurse! What can I do?
Question 11:Does taking 100 mg coated aspirin a day to reduce the risk of blood clots also lead to easier bleeding, thereby increasing the risk of any stroke that may occur?
Question 12:I went to my doctor because I was very tired, and had no energy, and after a blood test he told me I had pernicious anaemia. Now he wants to give me a series of injections. Is that right? What causes pernicious anaemia?
Question 13:Do you have any nutritional recommendations for Raynaud' s disease?
Question 14:I suffer from body odor, as I sweat a lot. What can I do to stop this?

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