Medical Questions » Liver And Gall Bladder

Question 1:What does the liver actually do? I can' t work this out, but unlike the gall bladder, it seems to be essential to the body.
Question 2:What is the gall bladder? What does it do? I' m told that it is essential for digestion, but I have to have mine taken out because of stones, even though they only give occasional pains.
Question 3:I had a laparoscopic gall bladder removal four years ago, but still have discomfort in the area, particularly after a large meal. Is this normal?
Question 4:Ten weeks ago I had my gall bladder removed by laparoscopy. I was discharged after three days, but since then I have had discomfort under the right rib cage and in the shoulder blade. Is this pain normal?
Question 5:I had my gall bladder removed recently, a cholestomy (sic) it is called, and I would like to know what parts are missing. I am frightened about what foods I can eat. Can you advise me?
Question 6:I' ve just learnt that my belly pain is caused by gallstones. How do you get gall stones?
Question 7:My parents both had gall stones. I am worried that I might too. Who gets gall stones and how are they treated?
Question 8:Following an extensive liver resection for metastatic cancer my husband developed intense itching all over but there is no sign of a rash. What could cause this?
Question 9:I' ve had my gallbladder removed and have difficulty digesting fats. Any suggestions?
Question 10:Is there a natural way to get rid of gallstones?

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