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Question 1:My doctor keeps feeling my son' s neck for glands every time I take him for a cold or sore throat. He prescribes antibiotics if the glands are tender. Why do your glands get sore when you have an infection?
Question 2:I have a lump on the side of my neck that seems to go up and down, and every time it goes up it causes headaches and a general feeling of being unwell. My specialist wants to remove it, but says I will be left with a sizeable scar that cannot be avoided. Aren' t there more advanced technigues such as plastic surgery that can minimise the scarring?
Question 3:My wife has had a slowly enlarging lump below and in front of her ear for months. After numerous X-rays and an ultrasound scan, she has been told that she has a tumour of the parotid gland, and it will have to be removed. Is this a dangerous procedure? Are there any complications of the operation?
Question 4:I have seen a chiropractor for a painful neck, but it is not getting better. What other treatments are available?
Question 5:I have a neck that is always stiff and sore. I work as a typist and computer terminal operator, and I believe this is the cause, as my doctor cannot find any cause. He said I should exercise my neck to make it move more freely. Can you suggest some exercises for me?
Question 6:My husband has had problems with his neck for eleven years, which causes pain and stiffness down his right side. The doctor says his extra pair of ribs is a problem. Can this explain his shoulder pain?
Question 7:I have trouble with ingrown hairs on the neck below my jaw that cause redness and pimples. I have been told that this is caused by shaving with the grain and I should shave against the grain. Is it OK to shave against the grain on the neck?

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