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Question 1:When should someone see a doctor about anxiety?
Question 2:My wife is in her thirties and suffers from extreme swings of mood which last for about a week. One day she can be extremely happy, then the next she is throwing pots at me and screaming. I try talking to her about it, but this only makes things worse. She seems unable to control these mood swings. Please help!
Question 3:My wife' s general practitioner and psychiatrist believe that she is manic depressive, but her sister has talked her out of taking any medications as she does not believe in doctors or medication. She now refuses to see her doctors and i am having great difficulty in coping with her wild mood swings and neglect of our children. I would appreciate your assistance.
Question 4:A friend of mine has an overwhelming fear of contamination and spends hours a day washing his hands and taking showers to the point where he cannot work. What can be done to help him?
Question 5:In my late teenage years, I was a victim of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I am now happily married, and worried about the long-term consequences of my earlier irresponsible behaviour. Could my fertility be affected?
Question 6:My 18 year old daughter is quite short and thin, weighing only 37 kilos. The doctor said she is just skinny but I' m worried about her. Is there something I should do?
Question 7:For the past twelve years, my husband has been diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia. He is now seeing a psychiatrist who says he isn' t schizophrenic, but has a bipolar affective disorder. Could you please explain what this is, and why now a difference in the diagnosis?
Question 8:Could you please write an item on schizophrenia and its consequences? One of the members of my family is marrying someone who has it.

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