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Question 1:I am travelling overseas soon, but I have to take with me a lot of different tablets and sprays for my heart and chest condition. Do I need a letter from my doctor so that i can take these tablets through customs in foreign countries?
Question 2:How can I work out how long it will take me to recover from jetlag after a trip to America? I don' t want to waste time, but 1 want to enjoy myself and not feel terrible at Yosemite or Disneyland.
Question 3:What vaccinations do I need for a trip to South East Asia?
Question 4:How do I avoid getting sick on a trip through Vietnam? I' m very scared I will catch some horrible tropical disease, but my husband is keen to visit there,
Question 5:I don' t think Australians are told enough about the risks of overseas travel. I caught a disease called dengue fever in Fiji that I have never heard of before. The doctors back here took ages to work out what was wrong with me, and don' t seem to know how to treat it. Is there any cure?
Question 6:What vaccinations are available to protect you against diseases when travelling in poorer countries?
Question 7:Do I need any vaccinations or special medicines to travel in England, France, Germany and the Czech Republic? I am taking a bus trip from London to Prague, then flying back to London.
Question 8:My daughter married a Rhodesian man some years ago, and has moved to Zimbabwe to live. She wrote saying that she had caught a disease called ' Bilharsia' , but not to worry. Naturally I am worried, but my own GP says he has never heard of it. Do you know anything about it? How serious it can be?
Question 9:I suffer from motion sickness. Is there anything that can help?
Question 10:If you' re having an allergic reaction, how can you stop it quickly?
Question 11:Can you deter mosquitoes and other biting insects through nutrition?
Question 12:What' s the best way to heal a bruise, a burn and a cut?
Question 13:I often get constipated when I fly. How can I prevent this?
Question 14:What' s the best prevention, and cure, for holiday diarrhoea?
Question 15:What' s the best way to recover quickly from jet lag?
Question 16:I often get sinus infections after long flights. How can I prevent this?

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