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Question 1:I do not have enough breast milk and my baby is not gaining weight. I have been told that it is bad to stop breast feeding, but I feel that I should. Others have suggested supplementary feeds. What does that mean and how do I give supplementary feeds?
Question 2:Why do babies vomit so much?
Question 3:My baby is always vomiting, but when I took her to the doctor, he said it was a reflux problem and not vomiting. In what way does reflux differ from vomiting in babies?
Question 4:My newborn son has an umbilical hernia. The doctor told me not to worry about it, but i think it looks horrible. Can it be serious?
Question 5:I am a new mother, and need to know how should I deal with colic in a 3 month old? I have received all sorts of advice, but nothing seems to work.
Question 6:My next-door neighbour has just had a baby with Down' s syndrome. It looks almost completely normal, and seems to be alright in every way. Can you explain what is Down' s syndrome?
Question 7:I am expecting my fourth child soon, and from a scan I know that it will be a boy. My first son was circumcised, but I am finding it difficult to contact a doctor who will circumcise my next son. One said he would do it under a general anaesthetic at three months, the other at twelve months. I want my sons to look the same. What do you suggest?
Question 8:Is it safe to heat a baby' s bottle in a microwave oven, or do they destroy the goodness in the milk?
Question 9:My two week old daughter has been producing milk from her nipples. Is there something wrong?

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