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Question 1:I have read how to prevent osteoporosis, but what can you do once you have got it? I have arthritis and thyroid disease, and swim every day. 1 am 60 years old.
Question 2:I am 55, have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and as I have menopausal symptoms, my doctor has suggested that I take Fosamax rather than HRT. What would you recommend, what are the side effects of Fosamax, and how long should I stay on it?
Question 3:How can I stop myself from getting osteoporosis? My mother was severely affected.
Question 4:My mother has Paget' s disease. How does one catch this? How does it affect the heart? What do the Calcitonin injections she is receiving do?
Question 5:My father has been rather strange for some months, and now a specialist says he has acromegaly. Can you explain this disease in simple terms for me?
Question 6:I have broken the bone in the upper part of my arm, but my doctor has not put it in plaster. Is this the correct treatment?
Question 7:I fractured my ankle a year ago, but it still causes pain. Is this normal?
Question 8:Could you please explain the difference between a fracture and a break in a bone?
Question 9:What' s the best way to avoid getting osteoporosis? I' m only 30, but I' d like to start now.
Question 10:I' m a 53-year-old woman diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor wants to put me on HRT. What would you recommend?
Question 11:I have been diagnosed with osteopenia. I' m on the Pill. How can I reduce my risk of bone fractures?
Question 12:I' m a vegan, How can I get enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis?
Question 13:My partner had a micro-decompression operation on his back earlier this year. Despite regular physiotherapy, he still has a lot of pain with minimal movement. Any suggestions?
Question 14:I have just fractured my humerus and the bicep muscle keeps going into spasm. Can you recommend any supplements that will help?
Question 15:My mother suffers from polymyalgia rheumatica and whenever she reduces her steroid treatment, it gets worse. Can you help?

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