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Question 1:I have a bad family history of late onset diabetes. How can this be detected? Would a routine blood test for cholesterol find it? Are there any lifestyle changes I can make to prevent it? What are the early symptoms?
Question 2:What is the difference between the diabetes children get and that suffered by oldies like me?
Question 3:What is the best blood sugar reading for someone with diabetes?
Question 4:I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes, and have recently developed numb feet, and pains down the arteries of the leg. Could you explain what effect diabetes has on circulation, and what sort of specialist should I see?
Question 5:I am a diabetic and have an ulcer on my ankle that my own general practitioner can' t fix.
Question 6:What is the best artificial sweetener for someone with type 2 maturity onset diabetes?
Question 7:I am a 57 year old diabetic and have been told that I have autonomic neuropathy. I hate summer, as I can' t bear direct sunlight, and over the past few years I have stopped sweating completely. I take Diamicron for my diabetes. Can you help me with my problem?
Question 8:My third child was born ten days ago, and she was a whopper, weighing just over ten pounds. My obstetrician now wants me to have a special test for diabetes, because he said the baby was too big. Do women with big babies always have diabetes?
Question 9:I' m a diabetic on tablets, not injections. What dietary advice do you recommend?
Question 10:I have Type II diabetes. Can you recommend any supplements?
Question 11:Is there a supplement programme that can prevent further deterioration from diabetic neuropathy?
Question 12:My sister has recently been diagnosed with insulin resistance and put on Metformin to try to regulate glucose uptake. Is there a nutritional alternative?
Question 13:I have just been diagnosed as having insulin resistance. I eat reasonably healthily, but I drink white wine daily. Is this OK?
Question 14:On a packet of ginseng I bought it said not to use it if you are diabetic without first consulting your doctor. Could you explain this please?
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