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Question 1:I am pregnant, and my husband wants any son of his to be circumcised. I am not so sure, and would like your opinion. Should it be done? Why is it done?
Question 2:My doctor says my son should not have a circumcision as it is an unnecessary operation. What men will require circumcision as an adult?
Question 3:I am writing about a problem of mine that has been apparent for some time. Around the base of my penis and on my scrotum there are a number of small pimple-like spots or lumps. A hair appears to grow from each lump. I am sure it is not an STD, but my girlfriend and I have agreed to have sex in the near future, and I fear she may notice these lumps. I am 15, and have had the problem for two years. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Question 4:I am a 47 year old man who has never married. I am starting to see my life slip by now, and feel as though I would like to settle down with a younger woman and have a child. I have not had success in meeting the ideal partner as yet. Do you think I have left my run too late in life to settle down and have a child?
Question 5:My son' s right testicle will not retract, and doctors want to operate for this. Will this problems affect his fertility in adult life?
Question 6:I am 16 and one of my testicles doesn' t descend at all into my scrotum. I' ve kept this low-key because I didn' t know who to tell. I hope you can help.
Question 7:I recently cut off the blood supply to my penis while wearing tight shorts on a car journey. I have been left with a white patch on the glans of the penis which won' t go away despite treatment with hot water and massage. How can I cure the problem?
Question 8:My four year old son has had a successful operation for hypospadias. Will this problem now affect him in his relationships with women in later life?
Question 9:What is the cause of Peyronie' s disease, and can anything be done to correct it by means of drugs, surgery or laser treatment?
Question 10:I am told my son has a hydro-seal! (sic). His testicle is swollen, but it sounds more like a plumber' s term than a doctor' s! Can you tell me if it is serious?
Question 11:I have a very embarrassing problem. In the past month one of my testes has blown up to twice its normal size. It' s not painful, but I' m terribly worried and embarrassed. What could it be?
Question 12:I have pain and tenderness in my left testicle that causes nausea when the testicle is bumped. The left testicle also hangs higher in the scrotum than the right. Should I be concerned?
Question 13:What is the normal size of the erect male penis? I am concerned that I may be quite inadequately endowed.
Question 14:Q I am a young man with a sensitive problem. I believe my penis is too small. Although I know this does not directly affect the function in sexual intercourse or reproduction, it has been an issue of embarrassment and self-image while growing up. Could you please advise me as to a treatment or technique that I could use to make my penis larger?
Question 15:I am 58 and I have had a constant embarrassment because of an underdeveloped penis and testicles. As a result, I have never married or indulged in sexual intercourse. Do you know of anyone who can help me?
Question 16:My foreskin is too tight to be drawn back over the head of my penis during an erection. This makes intercourse uncomfortable for me. Do I need circumcision, and if so, what does this involve?
Question 17:The problem I have is a curved penis. I am almost 18 and it curves about 3 cm to the left. I' m also uncircumcised. Can my problem be helped by a device or operation? I don' t want to go out with girls as I don' t want them to know my problem.
Question 18:I am seventeen years old, and I was wondering if it is normal to have a bent penis, and if there is any way of straightening it?
Question 19:I have this very embarrassing problem. I am 18 years old and my left testicle is much smaller than the right. This is really starting to bother me. I don' t have the courage to see a doctor personally about this but would like you to tell me what to do.
Question 20:I have noticed a pale oval shaped patch on the foreskin of my penis that is slowly spreading. There are no other symptoms. What could it be?
Question 21:My teenage son recently had one of his testes removed because of torsion. Please warn parents about this dreadful disease!
Question 22:I am an 80 year old maie, and have a distressing complaint. I urinate far too much night and day, and cannot hold my urine, but must go to the toilet at once, i am otherwise in good health and don' t smoke or drink. Hoping you may have a remedy for me.
Question 23:I have a number of small hard white lumps on my scrotum. I am concerned about these and would appreciate your advice.
Question 24:My testicle bag keeps contracting. There is no pain, but it will not stop contracting day or night. I have seen 12 doctors and had one operation, but nothing helps. Could you give me some advice?
Question 25:How effective are the operations to insert an inflatable prosthesis in the penis to overcome impotence in a 64 year old man?
Question 26:I' m 45 and have difficulty maintaining an erection. What can I do?
Question 27:When I hit 50 my weight went up and my energy and sex drive went down dramatically. Is this the male menopause, and what can I do about it?
Question 28:I' ve been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Can nutrition help?
Question 29:My skin gets really irritated when I shave. Any suggestions?
Question 30:I keep getting thrush on my penis. What can I do to stop this?

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