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Question 1:I suffer severely from trigeminal neuralgia, which is not relieved by painkillers. What causes this dreadful pain?
Question 2:I awoke last week with half my face paralysed. I am very scared, but my doctor says it will get better in a few weeks and she won' t give me any treatment. She says it is a Bell paralysis. What should I do?
Question 3:I get the shakes. Sometimes my hand is alright, but at other times it shakes terribly. Can you help me?
Question 4:I have been told that my deafness is due to an acoustic neuroma, but my doctor is not treating it. Is this serious?
Question 5:I keep getting pins and needles in my arm. What could cause this problem?
Question 6:My mother has motor neurone disease. Can you explain this condition for me?
Question 7:My sister has just been diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. How is this treated, and is there a cure?
Question 8:I was astonished to read in your column your advice that an orthopaedic surgeon would perform an operation to do a carpal tunnel repair. My operation was done by a neurosurgeon. You should know better. Does some layperson write your column?
Question 9:For 6 weeks i have had a strange pins and needles like sensation in both feet associated with numbness. It seems to be slowly progressing from my soles and toes up my legs. Walking is becoming a problem as a result. I would appreciate your advice
Question 10:I have had tingling like pins and needles in my left arm for three months. I would like to know what is causing it. Can you help me?
Question 11:I have a numb patch to one side of my spine. I often feel a twinge or burning sensation in this area, i have noticed the numbness for some time, and it seems to be getting worse. Your advice on this matter would be appreciated.
Question 12:My father has recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Is there any cure?
Question 13:There was a famous American baseballer who died with a very rare nerve disease many years ago. I cannot think of the name of the baseballer or the disease, but I am hoping you might be able to help me win a bet about this disease. Do you know of the disease and baseballer?
Question 14:I have M E. What is the best way to keep as fit as possible? I am also going through the menopause.
Question 15:Can nutrition help with motor neurone disease?
Question 16:A friend is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Can optimum nutrition help?

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