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Question 1:What are the causes of earache?
Question 2:What is the swimmer' s ear that children get every summer?
Question 3:How can swimmer' s ear infections that my children develop every summer be prevented?
Question 4:I seem to live at my GP' s every summer because of ear infections in my children. They often start at the most inconvenient time of midnight, and cause them terrible pain for several days. I would like to prevent this problem in future and would appreciate it if you could tell me what causes ear infections in my children every summer?
Question 5:I keep getting ear infections, and I' m sick of running to the doctor. Can I treat an ear infection myself?
Question 6:My daughter has recurrent ear infections, and the specialist wants to take out her tonsils and adenoids. I cannot see what connection there is between the tonsils and the ears. Is the specialist right? Should my daughter have the operation?
Question 7:Why do your ears pop when you change altitude? Why do you get ear pain with sinusitis?
Question 8:I am concerned about my five year old daughter' s hearing. Could it just be disobedience, or is a hearing problem likely?
Question 9:Could you tell me about the hearing problem otosclerosis which is causing me considerable confusion and embarrassment?
Question 10:I keep getting giddy ail the time for no good reason. Why would this happen?
Question 11:Why do old people like me go deaf? My television is now so loud my neighbours are complaining.
Question 12:I recently had a terrifying experience of extreme dizziness which reguired a week in hospital. A specialist pronounced that I was suffering from ' benign viral paroxysmal positional vertigo' . Can you interpret this medical jargon for me? I fear a further attack and would like to know its cause and treatment.
Question 13:I have had vestibular neuronitis for 17 months, which causes dizziness that comes for a few weeks and then goes again. What causes the dizziness to come and go?
Question 14:For 30 years I have had giddy turns, which are sometimes associated with vomiting. At times I fall, and now have to use a walking stick. Attacks can last 3 to 14 days. I take Stemetil, but it' s not much use. What causes it and is there any cure?
Question 15:Since a short bout of the ' flu two months ago, I have had an upset stomach like travel sickness, some unsteadiness, and ringing in the ears. Will it clear up in time or will a specialist' s appointment help?
Question 16:Recently I had grommets placed in my ears. While the drainage system seems to work, I still suffer a heavy hearing loss, despite Sudafed and ear drops. Is there any solution?
Question 17:I have a pounding in the ears that is driving me mad! I am to scared to see a doctor in case he finds a brain tumour or something. Is there a simple cure?
Question 18:My ears are ringing all the time, and when I get nervous or tense they get worse. How can I help this?
Question 19:After reading about tinnitus recently, I wish to know more about ' tinnitus maskers' . How are they obtained? Do you need a doctor' s prescription? Can pensioners get one at a reduced rate?
Question 20:It is of very great import to me doctor that you reply, because I' ve been suffering from noises in my ears for twelve years. I' m also going deaf. I' ve been to specialists and they say there is nothing to be done. Please can you help me?
Question 21:The Australian Tinnitus Association likes to see accurate information disseminated on this topic, and our aim is to promote research, increase community awareness, and to assist persons to cope with tinnitus.
Question 22:I suffer from tinnitus and have a constant ringing in my ears. Can you help?
Question 23:I have been diagnosed with an irritable bladder and suffer front incontinence. I have no infection, prolapse, muscle problems or pain and have tried excluding alcohol, tea, coffee and sugar. Is there anything else you can possibly recommend?

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