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Question 1:What is the purpose of a woman' s period?
Question 2:I am only 55, but I am having terrible problems with urinary incontinence. Can you help me with this problem?
Question 3:I am a 52 year old woman. I have a dragging feeling in my groin that has been getting worse for six months. I also keep wetting myself whenever I cough or laugh. My doctor says it is a prolapse. What is a female prolapse and how can it be cured?
Question 4:When I attend aerobic classes I am embarrassed by an involuntary passing of urine when doing more strenuous exercises. I have children, and I believe this condition is caused by weakening of the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth. I plan to have another child, but are there any exercises that will help me, or is surgery the only answer?
Question 5:My doctor commented when doing a Pap smear that my womb was prolapsed. He said I shouldn' t worry about it until it caused problems. What causes a prolapse of the womb?
Question 6:I have a terribly personal and embarrassing problem. Whenever I try to pass faeces, a lump comes out of my vagina. I can pass a little bit, but no more. As soon as I stand up, the lump goes and I need to go again. Is it cancer?
Question 7:I have a very embarrassing problem that I am reluctant to discuss with my doctor. It is a discharge from the vagina. What could it be?
Question 8:I have had vaginal infections before that have been treated by Flagyl, and I think I have the same infection again. Can I use the drug Flagyl if I am pregnant?
Question 9:What is the best treatment for the itch of thrush? I get this terrible infection every few months, and it drives me crazy!
Question 10:I am 19 and have had three sexual relationships with men. Over the past few months I have had a thick white discharge from my vagina, and it is itchy and sore around that area. I am getting married in two months and am worried that I might have some sort of sexually transmitted disease, and I would feel embarrassed and dirty seeing a doctor about this. What can I do?
Question 11:I am 40 years old. After I had an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted my periods became much lighter. I used this method of contraception for three years, discontinuing a year ago. Now my periods are very light, regular and I have no premenstrual tension. What could cause this?
Question 12:I have not had a period for 5 months after stopping the pill. Is this normal?
Question 13:I have just had an appendix operation. The doctor examined my ovaries during the operation, and he says they are very small. Is this serious?
Question 14:What is a blighted ovum? My gynaecologist said it caused my miscarriage. It sounds terrible! Do I need more treatment? Can I fall pregnant again?
Question 15:I have been told that my painful periods are due to fibroids in my uterus. What are these, and are they cancerous?
Question 16:Is there any specific time of the month to have a Pap smear and is it normal to have an internal examination at the same time?
Question 17:I am 65 years old, and have never had a Pap smear. Do I have to start now?
Question 18:I am going on a school wilderness camp for a week right at the time I am due to get my period. I have heard I can take pills to delay my period. How do I do this?
Question 19:My daughter is 15 but has not started her periods. Is this reason for concern?
Question 20:Can you explain endometriosis for me? I have been told that this is the cause of my painful periods.
Question 21:I am concerned about using tampons after reading about the toxic shock syndrome. Is this a significant risk for women, or can I still use tampons safely?
Question 22:What causes senile vaginitis? I have had it for 9 years and I am a 75 year old pensioner.
Question 23:When I get my periods, they go on too long. Sometimes I bleed for 15 days each month. I am 25 years old. I have seen different doctors, but they don' t seem to help. I' m going crazy. What do you suggest?
Question 24:I have terrible period pain, but every two weeks when I am both menstruating and ovulating! It seems to be more pronounced on the right side. What can I do?
Question 25:My breasts become very tender a week before my period. Is there anything I can do?
Question 26:I get desperately depressed before my period. What can I do?
Question 27:Which supplements are best for PMS?
Question 28:Can chocolate help alleviate PMS?
Question 29:I suffer from PMS and mood swings but since taking pregnenolone I feel great. Are there long-term side effects, though?

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