Medical Questions » Stress

Question 1:How do doctors define stress and its causes?
Question 2:Every time I get anxious about anything, I break out in a very itchy, red rash on my ankles and wrists. Why?
Question 3:My marriage has broken up and I am losing a lot of weight. I have no appetite and look like a bag of bones. What can I do?
Question 4:What symptoms does a person with stress develop? How can you tell if those symptoms are due to stress or something else?
Question 5:How can stress, as a diagnosis made by my GP, be treated?
Question 6:I am a very timid person, and do not like any change in my life. I have been prescribed antidepressant medications by my doctor, and they seem to help, but I don' t think I am depressed. Could there be some other cause?
Question 7:After being involved in a car accident in which the driver of the car I was in was killed, I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. Please tell me more about this problem as I keep seeing my dead friend as he was after the accident, in constant nightmares.
Question 8:I feel tired a lot of the time. Are there any natural energy boosters?
Question 9:I' m always tired and feel even worse if I exercise. Is this ME?
Question 10:How can I stop myself from getting drowsy after lunch?
Question 11:I get tired and low when I eat bread. Am I gluten sensitive?
Question 12:When I go on holiday I feel exhausted and often get sick. Why?
Question 13:In the winter it' s dark when I wake up and I just can' t get going. Why is this?
Question 14:My work is totally stressful. What' s the best way to chill out?
Question 15:Stress from work caused me to suffer an energy burnout a year ago. Can you help?

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