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Question 1:What are the adhesions that patients complain about after surgery?
Question 2:Are there any new treatments for adhesions? They plaque me to the extent that my lifestyle is physically restricted.
Question 3:My son has worms—Ugh! Please tell me about them, in a nice way!
Question 4:I have had terrible belly pains on and off for years. My doctor now tells me it is diverticulitis, and she has given me tablets for it. These seem to help, but can you tell me what causes diverticulitis?
Question 5:Doctors have diagnosed my wife' s condition as a bowel syndrome, and she has to watch her diet as eggs and meat cause diarrhoea. Her bowel X-ray shows diverticulae. Can you help us please?
Question 6:My bowels have changed. I used to be regular every day, and now I have trouble going twice a week. What could be the cause?
Question 7:During the past several months I have been in agony with a bloated and cramping stomach. The pain created by these cramps is horrendous. Endoscopy, ultrasound and every other test has been normal. What could cause these pains?
Question 8:Can you tell me about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome? This is the diagnosis my doctor has given me after doing all sorts of tests on me.
Question 9:A recent colonoscopy has revealed bowel spasms. These are very painful and I was hoping that you could explain the cause and tell me how to prevent them.
Question 10:Why do some children complain of tummy pain frequently?
Question 11:After many years of recurring tummy pains, my mother has been told she has Crohn' s disease. Is it stress related?
Question 12:I have had pain in the right lower part of my belly for three months. The pain often goes to the back, but I have no loss of weight or appetite. What couid cause such a pain?
Question 13:What is appendicitis, and how do people get this problem? My sister has just had hers removed at age 38.
Question 14:I am a 54 year old female, and for some years my bowels have caused pain. I have to use an enema to go to the toilet, but afterwards I have pain at the bottom of my stomach. Should I go to a doctor?
Question 15:I have unpredictable bowels! One week I' m so bound up that I can' t go without taking laxatives, and the next week or so I have to go four times a day. I eat a good diet, so how can I become regular?
Question 16:What can I do to stop chronic diarrhoea?
Question 17:After examination and tests, doctors have diagnosed the cause of my intestinal discomfort and bloody motions as colitis. Their indication that not much can be done for the condition is not very comforting. Cortisone enemas have been prescribed, but results have not been encouraging. I would appreciate your comments.
Question 18:After I have anything more than a snack to eat, I have to rush to the toilet to pass a motion. It' s getting embarrassing! How can I stop this?
Question 19:You write a lot about hearts etc., but how about wind! My husband suffers badly from wind. Sometimes he is in agony, and nothing seems to relieve it. I would like to know what causes wind.
Question 20:Whenever we go away I suffer constipation and dreadful wind pains. I' m sure it' s psychological as I am embarrassed about normal body functions, and don' t like to use public toilets. I know I' m silly, and I should get over my fear and embarrassment, but I can' t go away for more than a few days because I can' t go to the toilet until I get home.
Question 21:My father has been in hospital for weeks with pancreatitis. He seems to be suffering greatly with terrible pain that injections do not ease. Can you explain this disease?
Question 22:Would you please explain a closed ileocaecal valve? What are the symptoms and is there any treatment?
Question 23:I am constantly constipated, and have had piles as a result. Can you give me some simple advice on how to control this problem?
Question 24:Baaarrrrooooom! Grnth! Baaarrrroooom! My tummy keeps making these terrible noises all the time, and it is most embarrassing! How can I stop it?
Question 25:Whenever I have a particularly good bowel movement I experience a marked feeling of tiredness and relief, not unlike an orgasm. I' ve been aware of this phenomenon for many years. Is it normal or common?
Question 26:My wife and I need you to sort out a small domestic matter. My wife produces stools that sink, while I produce stools that float. My wife is convinced that her ' sinkers' are preferable to my ' floaters' . Could you settle this matter?
Question 27:I suffer from colitis. Are there any nutritional remedies that can help?
Question 28:Have you got any dietary tips for dealing with Crohn' s disease?
Question 29:Have you got any dietary tips for dealing with Crohn' s disease?

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