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Question 1:My father and grandfather are bald. What chance do I have?
Question 2:What causes baldness? I' m only 18 now, but I don' t want to be like my father when I' m older.
Question 3:I am starting to go bald, and I don' t particularly like the idea. What can I do?
Question 4:I have read recently about some home cures for baldness and alopecia. What do you think of these remedies?
Question 5:My hair is getting very thin at the top and front as I get older, but there is still plenty at the sides. I am a 65 year old woman. I find wigs very hot and sweaty. Do you recommend hair transplants?
Question 6:. I have had alopecia after my hysterectomy 10 years ago. Would you please tell me something about this disease.
Question 7:My problem is an extremely dry scalp, the discomfort of which is making me feel very distressed. I am a 63 year old lady, and have always endeavoured to take care of my crowning glory. The irritation is almost unbearable, particularly after shampooing. I am aware ageing does not help, but would you please advise as to the best solution?
Question 8:I am an eighteen year old male, and although I shave, I' ve hardly any hair under my armpits, is there any need to worry?
Question 9:I am 18 years old, female, and suffer from an embarrassing excess of facial and body hair. It grows around my nipples, between my breasts, and leads right down to my pubic hair. I find it very hard to wear any clothes that bare my body. What would you suggest?
Question 10:What does a trichologist do?
Question 11:I am a 32 year old male with two small patches of hair on either side of my lower back. The hair causes no irritation, but is unsightly. Is there any safe way of removing these hairs?
Question 12:Like many men, I am suffering from a rapidly diminishing head of hair. I can live with that, but I have found it very difficult to live (for the past 25 years!) with an excess of hair on my arms, chest and back. The problem has become so acute that I an ashamed to take my shirt off in front of others. Can medical science offer any hope?
Question 13:What causes excessive hair growth in the ears, nose and on the back in men? I have this problem, but I am going bald on top.
Question 14:I have had hair removed from my chin by electrolysis, but it has returned. What does this mean?
Question 15:Is it safe to have electrolysis around the nipple area to remove hairs?
Question 16:My hair seems to be falling out on my right side. I take Pritor and Zocor for blood pressure and cholesterol and I use a lot of hair spray. Any advice, please?
Question 17:I suffer from dandruff can you help?
Question 18:I am losing a lot of hair. Am I missing something in my diet?
Question 19:My hair is starting to thin on top and I don' t want to end up a monk! Any help?
Question 20:My hair grows very slowly. Any suggestions?

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