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Question 1:I have severe cramps in my legs at night. I have been told various remedies, including eating bananas at night (to increase body potassium), and taking large doses of magnesium tablets (up to six a night). What do you think of these remedies? Are they safe?
Question 2:Every night, I am woken between midnight and 2 am with agonising pain in my left leg. I can' t cope with this any more, and nothing seems to help. What can cause my leg muscles to go into spasm?
Question 3:My daughter has a badly inturned ankle. How should this be treated?
Question 4:When I do knee bends, my joints make a noise, and a friend told me to drink a lot of milk. Is this true? I am 55 years old, but very fit after years of doing Karate, Judo and Tai Chi.
Question 5:My doctor has told me that I have Miiroy' s disease of the leg. Could you please explain this to me?
Question 6:After having a knee replacement on one of my knees, I can' t bend my knee completely, and this stops me riding a bike. Is there anything i can do?
Question 7:I am 76 years old and in good general health. Two years ago I had a knee replacement operation. It was not a success, and after two years of pain and not being able to walk any distance, my surgeon wants to open it up again and cement it. I am very apprehensive about this operation, and would like your opinion on how necessary it is.
Question 8:My ankles keep swelling, and get worse as the day goes on. What can I do about it?
Question 9:I am a 20 year old woman who has spidery varicose veins, and despite regular exercise, they have not gone away. My questions to you are: Is having varicose veins a sign of heart or artery disease? Will exercise get rid of them? What else can be done to get rid of them? Are there any negative effects upon the body other than their ugliness?
Question 10:On the outside of my ankle, just below the ankle bone, there is a second bone that when pressed is quite tender and swells up. I run a great deal, and this sometimes causes a burning feeling in the tender area. If it is knocked, it causes a fair amount of pain. X-rays of my ankle are normal and I have tried many treatments with little success. What more can I do?
Question 11:What could cause sharp stabs of pain that run from my buttock down my leg?
Question 12:When I go to bed, I can' t get to sleep because I feel that I have to keep moving my legs. They feel as though they want to go on a marathon run. What can I do about it?
Question 13:Could you please explain what causes restless legs?
Question 14:My knee keeps aching, and I can' t sleep or rest comfortably. I am at my wits end. What could cause this problem?
Question 15:What are growing pains?
Question 16:I am 65 and fell twice on my left hip recently. The hip is sore now when I walk, and I cannot sleep on the left side. What is it?
Question 17:What is housemaid' s knee? My doctor tells me this is the cause of my swollen knee.
Question 18:I have trouble walking distances—my legs ache, and when I stop, the pain goes. I have taken Vitamin E and lecithin every day to no avail. Can you recommend any treatment for this trouble?
Question 19:I would like to ask you why my feet and legs get very hot in bed? I have to get out of bed and cool them. I will be 88 if I live until 25th December, and generally well, but take blood pressure tablets.
Question 20:I get a recurring itchy rash on my foreleg about 6 inches above my ankles. It settles with Sorbolene cream but recurs every few weeks, it seems to flare more after I play soccer. What do I do to get rid of it?
Question 21:Our 16 year old son has been diagnosed as having Osgood-Schlatter' s disease in his left knee. He has been to an acupuncturist, physiotherapist and two doctors, none of whom could offer relief or cure. He usually plays a lot of sport and would like to continue his involvement. Is there a cure?
Question 22:What do you recommend for restless legs?

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