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Question 1:Why do old people have trouble sleeping?
Question 2:My wife and I are in our seventies, and sleep seven or eight hours a night, and often have an afternoon nap as well. Many other people our age have a lot of trouble sleeping, or sleep for far less time. Is there something wrong with us?
Question 3:I am always sleeping. I fall asleep at work, in the train (and miss my station), in front of TV etc. What could be wrong with me?
Question 4:In my job ! have to work shifts. I work two days from noon till 8 pm then have a day off, then two days from 8 pm till 4 am, then a day off, then two days from 4 am to noon, followed by another day off. This has gone on for four years, and for most of that time I have not been able to sleep properly. I can' t sleep during the day on night shift, or at night when on day shift. I' m getting irritable, lose my temper easily, can' t relax and have headaches. What should I do?
Question 5:I get eight hours sleep a night, but always have dark circles under my eyes, and my eyes get bloodshot in the evening. I am also very fatigued. I would appreciate your professional opinion.
Question 6:I am a female aged 30, and I sleep 3 hours, or at most 4 hours, every night. I would like to take some tablets to make me sleep, but my friend said if I start with tablets now, I' ll have to take them every day.
Question 7:My husband snores a lot, and at times during his sleep he seems to stop breathing for ages. Is this dangerous?
Question 8:After several hours of sleep 1 wake with a very dry mouth and have to take a drink of water. This happens several times a night. Any suggestions for a cure?
Question 9:After a whiplash injury to my neck, and blows to my head in an accident last year, i have had nothing but sleepless nights. I also injured my arm and leg. I am a male aged 29 and would like some advice on how to stop my sleepless nights.
Question 10:All my life I have found that waking up in the morninq is the hardest thing I do each day. I can easily drop back to sleep at any time in the first half hour I am up in the morning. I am often late for work as a result. Can I be helped?
Question 11:I don' t sleep well so I' m often tired. Can nutrition help?
Question 12:I find it really hard to get to sleep and don' t want to take sleeping pills. Any suggestions?
Question 13:Can nutrition help me remember my dreams?
Question 14:It takes me ages to wake up in the morning. Can you help?
Question 15:My boyfriend wakes me up with his snoring. Any suggestions?
Question 16:I grind my teeth in my sleep - are there any supplements I can take to stop this?
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