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Question 1:I am very worried about my son who has started boxing at a local club. I don' t think this is a suitable sport for him, and I am concerned that he may be injured. How safe is boxing?
Question 2:I am a seventeen year old male and work out a lot at the qym. My dream is to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. What are your views on steroids, and where can I obtain them?
Question 3:My son has just started football, and I am very worried about him. Why do so many footballers need knee operations?
Question 4:My son is determined to learn scuba diving, but I am very scared about the dangers to him. I remember hearing about divers dying from the bends. Is this still a problem? Can this be treated?
Question 5:My daughter and I have difficulty in breathing after exercising regularly for 12 months. In our beginners aerobic classes we have to stop after a few minutes because of difficulty in breathing. Is there something wrong with us?
Question 6:I am a keen golfer and have developed a painful elbow. My GP says the diagnosis is golfer' s elbow, but this sounds like an excuse for a diagnosis. Is there such a condition, and do i have to stop playing golf?
Question 7:What is the best way to prevent injury when playing vigorous sport?
Question 8:What do you recommend to improve performance at sport?
Question 9:Is an isotonic sports drink the best way to fuel a day' s walking?
Question 10:I' m training for the London marathon. What should I eat?
Question 11:What will help my muscles grow on a weight-training programme? Should I be buying protein drinks?
Question 12:What can you recommend for eating and drinking during ultra distance endurance sports and during training sessions?
Question 13:When I exercise I have more energy. Why?
Question 14:My husband is training hard. What are the best carb/protein meal replacements to take, and what are your views on creatine?
Question 15:What is the optimum food/drink intake, if any, before exercise to maximise fat burning?

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