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Question 1:What are antibiotics? Doctors seem to prescribe them all the time.
Question 2:I keep hearing that there are more and more bugs becoming resistant to antibiotics. Just how many different antibiotics are there?
Question 3:Why won' t a doctor give antibiotics for the flu?
Question 4:I am allergic to penicillin. What other antibiotics can I use?
Question 5:I have been prescribed an antibiotic called Keflex for my cystitis, but it gave me diarrhoea and I stopped it. i am also 6 months pregnant. Is this the right antibiotic to use?
Question 6:I have been told that I am allergic to sulpha antibiotics, as I had a bad rash after taking Bactrim. With so many different antibiotic names, can you tell me which ones contain sulpha? Are they all yellow like normal sulpha?
Question 7:Can you please tell me about the antibiotics called tetracyclines? I have often had these for my bronchitis, but my GP said they were too dangerous to use on my six year old son when he got bronchitis.
Question 8:I am taking antibiotics for my urinary infection. Is it ok if I take painkillers with antibiotics? Can it cause some adverse effect on my health?
Question 9:I have been tested positive for GBS (Group B Streptococcus). Doctors told me I might be required to take antibiotics to prevent the infection to my baby. Are antibiotics safe taken during pregnancy for my child? Please explain.
Question 10:Nowadays my kid has started complaining pain in the ear. Can it be ear infection? One of My friends suggested me not to give antibiotics for ear infection. I am confused. Please advice.
Question 11:I am taking antibiotics which include penicillin. After 2- 3 days of medication, I got rashes on my skin. Does this indicate my allergy to penicillin? What do I do now?
Question 12:I recently heard about garlic being a natural antibiotic. What is this natural antibiotic and are they effective in treatments?
Question 13:I was taking antibiotics for fever (due to some bacterial infection) I was suffering from. Now, the symptoms are gone. Do I need to continue the doses for the specified period of time recommended by the doctor or can I stop taking the antibiotic as I am feeling healthy now?
Question 14:What are the concerns related to older people taking antibiotics?
Question 15:I am on heavy doses of antibiotics. I am feeling very depressed nowadays, since the time I started the antibiotics. I am nervous all the time and very fearful about the surroundings (though everything is perfectly all right). Sometimes I cry without any reason. Do these things happen to me because of the antibiotics I am taking because I have never experienced such things ever before.
Question 16:How the bacteria develop resistance for an antibiotic? What are the consequences of it? How can we prevent it?
Question 17:What is ' prophylactic' use of antibiotics and when it is applied?
Question 18:My mother has the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) virus, which is highly resistant to treatment. Can you recommend a supplement?

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