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Question 1:Where did AIDS come from? I believe it is a divine retribution from God against those who have sinned. What do doctors really known about the history of AIDS?
Question 2:How can you actually catch AIDS? I see all the advertisements, but I worry that it might be easier to catch than they say.
Question 3:Can you catch AIDS from a hot spa bath?
Question 4:Can you catch AIDS by tongue kissing?
Question 5:Can AIDS be cured now?
Question 6:Is AIDS still a risk for couple who have normal male/female sex?
Question 7:How can AIDS be prevented? Is there a vaccine you can have?
Question 8:Can a baby get infected with HIV if the mother is a HIV positive? Is their any treatment to prevent the transmission of virus from mother to baby?
Question 9:What is HIV? Is AIDS other scientific name of HIV? Where can I get tested for HIV?
Question 10:If an individual is infected with HIV, what is the future for them as there is no cure for HIV till now?
Question 11:Recently, I have tested HIV positive. I am 28 year old holding a senior position in the office. I fear losing my job if someone gets to know about my situation. What are my rights regarding this? Is it contagious to other people in the office due to me? Any help will be appreciated.
Question 12:I am a healthy man leading a happy married life. Do I need to take a HIV test?
Question 13:Are women more vulnerable to get HIV infections than men? Is progression of HIV infection different in women and men?
Question 14:What are the symptoms of HIV and AIDS? How long does it take to appear?
Question 15:I want to get a tattoo. But I am really scared whether I will get infected with AIDS. What are the chances of getting infection during getting a tattoo or body piercing or if I visit to a barbers shop?
Question 16:After what time should the HIV test be conducted after the possible exposure to HIV? If a person is tested negative, will it indicate that the partner is also HIV negative?
Question 17:If a child is HIV positive, can it transmit the dreaded virus to another child while playing, fighting, sharing food or drink or through casual contact like shaking hands? Is it safe to stay a normal kid with a HIV positive child in a house?
Question 18:I' m on combination therapy for H IV. Are there any supplements that could help me?

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