Medical Questions » Children

Question 1:My two year old is very small, and appears to be underweight for his age. What could be the cause, as I look after him very well?
Question 2:My four year old eats like a sparrow. He seems healthy enough, but I am concerned about his diet. Should I give him vitamins?
Question 3:Is aspirin safe in children? I always find it works better for my headaches than paracetamol.
Question 4:I am having no luck in toilet-training my two year old. What could the problem be?
Question 5:How do you get a three year old to go to bed, and go to sleep? I am at my wits end.
Question 6:My teenage son has acne. Is there anything he can take, in addition to eating a healthy diet?
Question 7:What' s the best way to stop a child from developing allergies?
Question 8:Is there anything I can give my child to speed up recovery from an asthma attack?
Question 9:My son is four and still has trouble controlling his bladder. Are there any nutritional or alternative therapies that may help?
Question 10:My daughter keeps getting colds or infections. What should I do?
Question 11:My daughter suf fers from chronic constipation, even though she eats plenty of fruit and vegetables and drinks lots of fluid. Any suggestions?
Question 12:What supplements would you recommend for a toddler with intestinal colic and loose stools?
Question 13:My son keeps getting ear infections. What can i do about it?
Question 14:My son has growing pains and often wakes at night. What can we do to help him?
Question 15:My child has dif ficulty getting to sleep. Any suggestions?
Question 16:My child refuses food and has a poor appetite. Why is this?
Question 17:My son is overweight what can i do?
Question 18:How can I get my sons to eat vegetables?
Question 19:What should my daughter drink and how much water should I give her a day?
Question 20:What do you think about giving children antibiotics - and would you recommend any herbal alternatives?
Question 21:What' s your view on the MMR vaccination?
Question 22:Is it safe for my four-year-old grandson, diagnosed with asthma, to have his second MMR vaccination?
Question 23:My 10 yearold son has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and prescribed the drug Ritalin. Is there an alternative?
Question 24:My child has been diagnosed with autism. Can nutrition help?
Question 25:What causes autism? Is it the MM R vaccine?
Question 26:Do autistic children ever get better?
Question 27:Why do autistic children not look you in the eye?
Question 28:What would you recommend for my 14 year old grandson, who has poor concentration and short term memory skills?

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