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Question 1:My doctor says my son has flat feet, but is ignoring the problem. Are flat feet serious?
Question 2:I have had a sharp pain in my foot for some years now. X-rays are normal, but the instep becomes very painful. No doctor can find anything wrong. I would be very pleased if you could give me an answer to this.
Question 3:I have had plantar fasciitis for nine months, and have been treated with physiotherapy, arch supports, Orudis gel, cortisone injections and osteopathy. I still have foot pain with walking. Is there anything else that I can do?
Question 4:I have severe pain under my heel. It is making it very difficult to walk, and I spend a lot of time on my feet in my job. What could be the cause?
Question 5:What are spurs in the heel, and are there any home remedies?
Question 6:I have a painful problem—a spur under my left heel. I have had three cortisone injections, which help for a few months, but my doctor says it is not safe to give more. What else can be done to help me?
Question 7:What is the exact nature of a spur in the heel, and what causes this complaint?
Question 8:I suffer severely from plantar warts, which have been unsuccessfully treated with liquid nitrogen. My GP has now prescribed Tagamet for me. Is this drug useful for warts? Is there anything that can be injected into the wart to help?
Question 9:The soles of my feet get very dry, scaly and itchy, particularly in summer. Sometimes there are tiny pimples present at the sides of the foot. Fungicidal creams do not help. What is it and how should it be treated?
Question 10:I suffer constantly from cold feet, mainly when in bed, and have been told it is a medical problem. I await your comments.
Question 11:I have a painful swollen foot. What could cause this?
Question 12:My son insists on wearing sneakers, and refuses to wear good shoes. The more worn the sneakers appear, the happier he is. Are sneakers good or bad for your feet?
Question 13:I have severe pain at the back of my heel that flares up whenever I start running. I am young, and trying to keep fit, and this constantly prevents my running.
Question 14:What can cause pain in the front half of the foot? I cannot recall injuring it in anyway.
Question 15:My daughter overseas has written to tell me that my new granddaughter has been born with a club foot. I have heard of this condition, but do not understand what it is. Can you explain it to me?
Question 16:I have two bunions on each foot on the large toes. They give me pain. Would you advise operation? If so, could I have them done at the same time?
Question 17:I am experiencing hot burning feet in bed at night. Is this a medical problem?
Question 18:How do you catch athlete' s foot, and what causes it?
Question 19:The tendons under the arches of my feet are sore and lumpy. It feels like standing on a painful pea. Please advise me who I should see to have this problem fixed.
Question 20:My orthopaedic surgeon has diagnosed the lumps under my foot as Ledderhose' s disease, but says there is not much that can be done for it. Can you tell me more about this condition?
Question 21:How can I get rid ofathlete' s foot?
Question 22:The soles of my feet are excruciatingly painful to walk on first thing in the morning. What is this?

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