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Question 1:I plan to fall pregnant soon. Should I see a doctor for a check-up first?
Question 2:My first child was a boy, and 1 want to have a girl next time. Is there any way in which I can improve my chances of having a girl?
Question 3:My period is a week late and I' ve never been late before. Is this serious?
Question 4:I know a woman' s periods stop when you get pregnant, but are there any other signs in a woman that she is pregnant? My girlfriend says she is pregnant, but she is acting very peculiarly, and I am not sure if she is being truthful.
Question 5:How soon can pregnancy be diagnosed by blood and urine tests?
Question 6:Is there an easy way to calculate when a pregnant woman is due to deliver?
Question 7:I have just iearnt that I am pregnant for the first time, and I am very anxious that nothing should go wrong. I keep hearing about women who have done something during their pregnancy that has caused a deformity. What drugs and medicines should I avoid in pregnancy?
Question 8:I had some bleeding early in my pregnancy, and had to rest in bed for two weeks. Will this increase the risk of an abnormal baby?
Question 9:What can I take for a headache in pregnancy? Is aspirin safe?
Question 10:I am only three months pregnant, but very keen to breast feed my baby when he/she is born. How soon should you start breast feeding after having a baby?
Question 11:Can you give me information on a blighted ovum? My pregnancy ended earlier this year in grief, although I am now pregnant again and due in seven weeks. I was told that 9 out of 10 miscarriages are caused by a blighted ovum.
Question 12:Recently my first pregnancy ended in its 7th week because I have a bi-horn uterus. What chances do f have of a norma! and successful pregnancy in the future?
Question 13:What can I do for morning sickness? I' m nine weeks pregnant, can' t keep anything down and i' m losing weight. I' m worried it might affect the baby.
Question 14:I have fallen pregnant to a boy I don' t really like and I' m considering an abortion. I would like to know what happens in this operation.
Question 15:How dangerous is smoking during pregnancy? Does it cause miscarriages?
Question 16:My last pregnancy ended as a miscarriage, and I am now ten weeks pregnant again, but I am 38 years old, and my doctor wants me to have an amniocentesis in a few weeks. What do you think about these tests? The obstetrician says there are some risks with it.
Question 17:I am eight months pregnant, but I am worried that my beautiful breasts will be ruined if I feed my baby. Why is breast feeding better than bottle?
Question 18:I am well into my pregnancy, and keep hearing all these horror stories about childbirth. What really happens? Is it really terrible for the woman? Can you just be knocked out with an anaesthetic?
Question 19:I have been told that 1 will have to deliver my baby by Caesarean section. Can you tell me about this operation?
Question 20:I will be having my baby by Caesarean section, and the obstetrician said he would arrange for a spinal anaesthetic. What is a spina! anaesthetic? Why do doctors use them?
Question 21:I saw the placenta after I had my baby and it looked really yukky. It hurt almost as much to push this out as having the baby. Can you explain how this works and why is it necessary?
Question 22:I was told my baby had an ' Apga' of 8 when he was born. Is this good or bad? What does it mean?
Question 23:I' ve had two ectopic pregnancies leaving me with two ' stumps' for Fallopian tubes. What is the danger of having another one?
Question 24:Do you recommend an anti-candida regime during pregnancy?
Question 25:What should I supplement to stay healthy in pregnancy, and have a healthy baby?
Question 26:Is it dangerous to supplement vitamin A in pregnancy?
Question 27:Is it safe to take a fish oil supplement during pregnancy? And is it safe to eat tuna?
Question 28:Which supplements can I take while pregnant and after the birth to avoid excessive weight gain without harming my baby' s health?
Question 29:I' ve had early miscarriages. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again?
Question 30:What can you recommend for morning sickness?
Question 31:Last time I was pregnant I got stretch marks. How can I prevent this?
Question 32:What is your view on vitamin K given to newborn babies?
Question 33:If I' m unable to breastfeed, what would be the best alternative?
Question 34:Do children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women, need milk?
Question 35:Can you recommend anything for post-natal depression?
Question 36:I' ve been diagnosed with fibroids. What can I do?
Question 37:I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and have now developed impaired glucose tolerance. What can I do?

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