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Question 1:Would you please tell me about all the different forms of contraception available so that I can choose the one that will suit me best.
Question 2:How does the contraceptive pill work?
Question 3:What should I do if I forget a contraceptive pill?
Question 4:I am worried the pill may make me sterile. Is it necessary to take a break from the contraceptive pill every year or so?
Question 5:My 14 year old daughter has a very steady 18 year old boyfriend. She insists on seeing him and I am frightened she might get pregnant. Is she too young to go on the pill?
Question 6:I am desperately worried that I might fall pregnant. This would be a disaster as my wage is essential to pay our mortgage, and we would lose our house if I fell pregnant. I am on the oral contraceptive pill, but I really want to know how effective it is.
Question 7:What is the difference between the mini-pill and other oral contraceptives?
Question 8:I have been taking the contraceptive pill continuously, missing out the sugar pills, so that I don' t have a period. How can you tell if you have fallen pregnant while on the pill if you take it this way?
Question 9:I am taking the contraceptive pill regularly, but do not get a period until I have been taking the white sugar pills for three days. Can you get pregnant while taking the pill if you have sex on one of the days you are taking the sugar pills?
Question 10:I don' t like the effects I am having from the pill. Is it safe to change from one brand of the contraceptive pill to another?
Question 11:How does the birth control pill cause thrombotic problems?
Question 12:Can I take the contraceptive pill when breast feeding?
Question 13:I have developed dense freckles on my forehead since starting the contraceptive pill. Is this a side effect?
Question 14:Why do I have to go to the doctor just to get my birth control pill prescription? I have to pay for a doctor' s visit as well as for the pills.
Question 15:I am allergic to the birth control pill—I get headaches and pimples, and gain weight. My doctor won' t give me an IUD because he says that at 17, I am too young, and all the other birth control methods are messy and yucky. What can I do?
Question 16:I had sex with a boy when I was drunk six weeks ago. I didn' t really know what I was doing at the time, and I didn' t take any precautions, and I don' t think he did either. As a result, I spent three weeks desperately waiting for my period, and was scared witless until it arrived. When I told my girlfriend why I was so worried, she told me I could have had a pill to stop me getting pregnant after sex. Please tell other girls about this magic pill, so they will not get pregnant or worry the way I did.
Question 17:I am 23, and I am absolutely decided that I never want to have children. Why can' t I have my tubes tied? I feel that I should have the right to choose. If I do change my mind, can' t they be joined up again?
Question 18:Why do so many women need a hysterectomy after a tubal ligation? I am considering having my tubes tied, but I don' t want a hysterectomy, as I am only 33 years old. What should I do?
Question 19:I am scared stiff of havinq a vasectomy! Does it affect your masculinity? What happens to the hormones and sperm?
Question 20:Are there any long-term side effects from a vasectomy. Is it a safe option considering recent research?
Question 21:My wife wants me to have a vasectomy, and I think it is probably a good idea, but I would like to know a bit about what happens during this operation.
Question 22:My GP is insisting that I have a sperm test after my vasectomy a couple of months ago. I find this very embarrassing, and do not really want to do it. Is it essential?
Question 23:I have heard that there is now an injection that you can have every few months instead of the pill that will stop you falling pregnant. Can you tell me about this please? Is it effective and safe?
Question 24:I' ve been on the Pill since I was 16. I' m worried about my fertility and the risk of cancer. What' s your view?
Question 25:Can vitamin C stop the Pill from working?
Question 26:I have just started taking the Pill - what supplements should I take?

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