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Question 1:What is a bland diet, and when is it used?
Question 2:What foods cause gout?
Question 3:I enjoy my food, but I don' t enjoy the after effects. Just because I love chili with garlic, followed by a chocolate torte smothered in cream, and washed down with a sweet bubbly wine, I don' t see why I should then proceed to burp for the rest of the night. How can I help myself?
Question 4:My son eats only junk food, and is getting fat, covered in pimples and lazy. How can I stop him eating junk and start him on good foods?
Question 5:How can I tell which dietary information is correct? If you read ail the information in the paper and some magazines, it seems to be repetitive or contradictory. As a result I am very confused. Your opinion would be appreciated.
Question 6:Would you please provide information on the use of a sensible diet to control hiatus hernia?
Question 7:I have dry skin. Could it be caused by my diet?
Question 8:I am elderly, and have a great deal of trouble making ends meet financially. Could I use good guality dog or cat food sometimes to stretch the budget?
Question 9:I am a school canteen convener. Can you suggest some good foods to be offered for children' s lunches?
Question 10:I am always reading that you shouldn' t eat one food or another, and should eat more of this and less of that if you want to keep to your ideal weight and stay healthy. Lots of these experts seem to contradict each other. What do you think are the best foods to eat? Are vitamins needed?
Question 11:AH sorts of people are telling us what to eat. Some say no meat, some say no milk, some say there are too many poisons on vegetables. Eggs have cholesterol, but lots of vitamins. What should a good diet contain?
Question 12:I am 59, of thin build, and still losing weight. My doctor says there is nothing wrong. Should I forget about cholesterol, and go on a diet of fattier foods?
Question 13:My daughter is 16 and drinks 4 to 5 cups of medium strength coffee each day. Is this too much caffeine for someone her age?
Question 14:We have just moved from interstate, where we had a marvellous GP who had looked after the family for the past 23 years. What is the best way to choose a good general practitioner to look after us in our new life here?
Question 15:I have some very complex medical problems, but my doctor is a very busy man and I don' t like to trouble him. Who do you suggest I see?
Question 16:Doctors seem to love putting the full alphabet of letters after their names to impress patients, but do these letters really mean anything, or are they merely being snobs? I would appreciate it if you could let me know just what (if anything) these doctors are trying to prove.
Question 17:Why are doctors' fees so high? They all earn a fortune, so why do they insist on robbing sick people?
Question 18:Could my liver be af fected by my longterm regular intake of medicinal drugs, and need a detox?
Question 19:What symptoms can one expect to experience during a detoxi▀cation programme?
Question 20:What do you think about liver detox regimes?
Question 21:What' s the best way to detoxify after Christmas?
Question 22:How long should a detox last?
Question 23:What are your basic guidelines for an optimally healthy diet?
Question 24:Can you get all the nutrients you need from a well-balanced diet?
Question 25:How do I know if I' m getting enough protein?
Question 26:What is the truth to the saying ' Breakfast like a king, dine like a pauper
Question 27:What' s a good diet for me? I' m a teenage schoolgirl.
Question 28:What' s the healthiest working snack lunch?
Question 29:I entertain a lot as part of my job. Can you translate the ideas of optimum nutrition into haute cuisine?
Question 30:What' s the dif ference between nutritional therapists and dieticians?
Question 31:I drown my food in pepper - is it bad for me?
Question 32:Isn' t chargrilled or barbequed food better for you than fried?
Question 33:I am confused about the dif ferent glycaemic indices.
Question 34:Where can I ▀nd the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of acid- and alkali-forming foods?
Question 35:Should we avoid eggs because they are high in cholesterol?
Question 36:Is drinking milk good for the bones?
Question 37:I eat soya products and try to avoid dairy. Is there any nutritional value in soya yoghurt, or would I be better of f eating live dairy yoghurt?
Question 38:Which is better butter or margarine?
Question 39:Is cholesterol bad for you?
Question 40:Is olive oil good for you?
Question 41:I don' t eat fish. Is there any advantage in taking fish oils?
Question 42:Do we need more omega-3 essential fats in winter?
Question 43:Why are certain vegetables so hard to digest?
Question 44:How are blueberries good for you?
Question 45:Why are carrots good for your eyes?
Question 46:What are cruciferous vegetables and why are they good for you?
Question 47:Is it true that fruit juice rots your teeth?
Question 48:Are oranges the best food for vitamin C?
Question 49:How are prunes good for you?
Question 50:Is spinach good for you?
Question 51:How are watermelons good for you?
Question 52:Are frozen vegetables really better than fresh, vitamin-wise?
Question 53:Can you name your top 10 healthy fruit and vegetables?
Question 54:Is it true that ▀sh makes you brainy?
Question 55:Why is oily fish so good for you?
Question 56:Didn' t our ancestors eat a lot of meat, and far fewer carbohydrates?
Question 57:Is meat the best food for protein and iron?
Question 58:What do you think of meat replacement products such as Quorn?
Question 59:I am always reading that beans are good for you. Does this mean all types of bean including runner, French (dwarf) and broad beans?
Question 60:I would prefer not to eat meat all, but I don' t really like beans and pulses. Would I get enough protein from fish, eggs, nuts and dairy products?
Question 61:How are flax seeds good for you?
Question 62:Weight-Watchers say nuts are fattening. Do you agree?
Question 63:Are peanuts good for you?
Question 64:I read that soya is dangerous because it interferes with your hormones. Is this true?
Question 65:I' ve heard soya contains high levels of aluminium. Is this true?
Question 66:Why are pumpkin seeds so good for you?
Question 67:What ef fect does brown rice syrup have on blood sugar?
Question 68:I' m weaning myself of f sugar. Any ideas?
Question 69:What' s your view on artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet?
Question 70:What will happen if I eat too many sweets?
Question 71:How is quinoa good for you?
Question 72:I keep hearing mixed reports - should we eat wheat?
Question 73:Why does wheat cause bloating?
Question 74:Is wholewheat bread good for the bowels?
Question 75:Why are we told that white or refined products are bad? What does this mean in essence?
Question 76:Is white basmati rice refined? I thought it was better for you than normal white rice.
Question 77:What' s your view on genetically modified food?
Question 78:What' s your view on irradiated food?
Question 79:What' s your view on foods fortified with vitamins?
Question 80:Is organic food worth the money?
Question 81:What is a wholefood?
Question 82:Do different blood types really need different kinds of food?
Question 83:Is combining proteins and carbohydrates really bad for your health?
Question 84:Does a high-protein diet raise or lower testosterone?
Question 85:What' s your view on macrobiotic diets?
Question 86:Are raw food diets better for you?
Question 87:To what extent do i need to combine grains, pulses and nuts/seeds to optimise protein intake on a vegetarian diet?
Question 88:I' m a strict vegetarian. Are there any nutrients I' m missing out on?
Question 89:I am a vegetarian suf fering from anaemia. How do I improve my iron intake?
Question 90:Many ofyour articles recommend omega-3 fsh oils. As a strict vegetarian can I assume that omega-3 oils from seeds are just as effective?
Question 91:I have been told to drink 2 litres of water per day. Is it really necessary for me to try and force down more water than I feel my system can cope with?
Question 92:I drink up to 6 litres of water a day because I thought it was a healthy thing to do. I have to go to the loo four times per hour, yet my urine is still pretty dark in the mornings.
Question 93:What do you think of the Atkins diet?
Question 94:CLA is touted as the new weight-loss miracle. What' s your view?
Question 95:Can you only get fat from eating too many calories?
Question 96:Do slimming drinks like Calorad really work?
Question 97:Why do men seem to lose weight more easily than women?
Question 98:In the last two years I' ve become more ' pear shaped' . Why is this?
Question 99:What' s the best type of exercise to burn fat?
Question 100:What supplements or foods can boost your body' s metabolism?
Question 101:Does food combining work for weight loss?

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